The Pediatric Pathology department is divided into two sections; Clinical and Anatomic Pathology. The Anatomic Pathologists are focused on tissue diagnosis. The bulk of their material comes from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital operating rooms (>5,000 cases per year) and autopsies (>50 per year).  The Clinical Pathologists are focused on diagnosing and monitoring disease via the evaluation of body fluids obtained and processed in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Clinical Laboratory. These laboratories include the blood bank, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics and virology.

We have a comprehensive metabolic genetics laboratory to support the State of Arkansas’ ever-expanding newborn screening program. We have plans for a comprehensive cytogenetics laboratory to support the clinical efforts of the genetics section at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Pediatric Pathology Faculty

Neslihan Cetin, M.D.
Director of Hematology

Kandi Stallings-Archer, M.D.

Laura Gonzalez-Krellwitz, M.D.

Charles J. Sailey, M.D., MS
Director of Molecular Genetic Pathology

Carmen Steigman, M.D.
Director of Autopsy Pathology