The Anatomic Pathology Division provides a full-spectrum of surgical pathology and cytopathology services. Special histochemical, immunofluorescent, and immunoperoxidase staining (e.g. staining for estrogen and progesterone receptors and Her/2 neu on breast biopsies; panels of antibodies for evaluation of tumors of unknown origin; lymphoma panels) and electron microscopy are available.

Anatomic Pathology & Laboratory Management

Provides support for all administrative functions of the Anatomic Pathology section (includes clerical support; transcription of surgical and autopsy reports; purchasing; HR/payroll matters; personnel related issues, including staffing; budget matters; long range planning, and strategic/staffing).

Histology Laboratory

Provides a full-range of tissue processing for diagnostic biopsies, surgical and autopsy cases (includes the surgical gross room functions and processing of HMC tissue specimens; non-HMC dermatopathology specimens; electron microscopy; immunostaining; special staining; neuropathology; molecular diagnostics; research project support; non-HMC 2nd opinion consults and kidney biopsies).

UAMS Department of Pathology
Jennifer Hunt, M.D., Chair
4301 W. Markham St., #517
Little Rock, AR 72205

Local Phone: (501) 686-5170

Fax: (501) 296-1184