Hoda Hagrass, M.D., Ph.D.My main clinical interest is in the area of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Informatics. I have served for more than 12 years as clinical Pathologist, managing the Clinical Chemistry section in Zagazig University, Egypt. I have also served as a quality supervisor for implementing the ISO 15189 standards which added some experience to myself when working and maintaining the CAP standards at UAMS labs.

My research focus has been focused on molecular genetics, epigenetic modification and the role of miRNA as a diagnostic and possibly therapeutic tool.  I have served also for 3 years as a research fellow at OSU studying the role of Wwox gene methylation in breast cancer. And lately, I was awarded the outstanding research award from the American Association of Clinical Chemistry.

I have always enjoyed practicing and educating clinical Chemistry, and my future goals is to establish a strong clinical, informatics and research program in the clinical chemistry section, aiming at graduating excellent residents who are ready for clinical chemistry laboratory leadership.