Below is an example of what a resident’s schedule could look like during Pathology residency training in our program. Rotations are divided into thirteen four week blocks per academic year. Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology rotations are intermingled throughout the four year curriculum. Training begins with a newly developed orientation month that provides education and supervision on UAMS Surgical Pathology, Autopsy, Transfusion Medicine, and Hematopathology. An opportunity for an elective is built into the PGY2 schedule to meet residents’ interests. Time for up to four additional elective rotations is available in the PGY4 year. Most residents choose to use one of these electives for the CP Survey rotation which provides a nice review prior to sitting for the Board Exams. Rotation sites include the UAMS Medical Center, the Central Arkansas Veteran’s Healthcare System (VA), Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH), and the Arkansas State Crime Lab. The VA and UAMS hospitals are connected via walkways. ACH and the State Crime Lab are only short drives from the UAMS campus and parking is readily available at these sites. An elective in renal pathology with Arkana Labs is another opportunity available to our residents.

Current electives include:

Dermatopathology                                     Senior Surgical Pathology and Forensics

Genitourinary/renal pathology                Cytology

Soft tissue pathology                                  Breast pathology

Hematopathology                                       CP Survey

Mentored research                                      Transfusion Medicine

** The program is flexible to resident needs and new electives can be developed.

Sample resident rotation schedule

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