Steven HembergerUndergraduate: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Medical School:  Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Northwest

Favorite Aspects of Pathology: Forensics, Cytology, Dr. Lindberg’s Morphology Review

Outside of Medicine: Cook, eat said cooked food, watch movie while eating said cooked food, sleeping after said movie is done that was playing while I was eating said cooked food… Also long walks on the beach.

Why I Like UAMS Pathology: I chose UAMS because of the amazing residents I met during my interview.

Favorite Activity in Arkansas:  Looking out at Lake Hamilton from a dock while the sun slowly sets; my fiancé holds my hand as we sip our beverages, my little girl runs around with our puppy Boston Terrier…calm… peaceful…; I also like performing autopsies whenever possible.

Favorite Restaurant in Little Rock: the Butcher Shop, but I eat the most at the UAMS cafeteria…friendly staff and bomb chicken tenders. Would suggest pancakes every morning for breakfast but that’s just me.

If I weren’t a pathologist, I would be: I would love to write and voice act in a cartoon with my friends; I know Netflix picks up everything so if you have a plan let’s get it going. More practically, my bald head would make a great crystal ball: full of hot air and bizarre premonitions.