Katelynn Campbell, M.D.

Katelynn Campbell, M.D.

Undergrad: University of Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA. BSc in Biology with a major in neuroscience

Medical School: Medical University of the Americas, Nevis and St. Kitts, West Indies


Pathology/Research: Dermatopathology, gynecologic pathology, public health initiatives

Personal: Artistic endeavors: painting, charcoal. Reading nerdy fiction.

Why I like UAMS Pathology:

The program had a great vibe from the beginning, starting with my interview day. The atmosphere is very welcoming and upbeat. The facilities are excellent, and it was just the right size of program and city that I was looking for. We get exposure to both generalized and sub-specialty sign out styles with experiences at three different campuses (UAMS, VA, ACH), each with unique patient populations. And, as the only academic center in the state, we see some excellent and advanced pathology.