Jonny Gralewski, D.O.

Jonny Gralewski, D.O.

Undergrad:  University of Minnesota

Graduate school:  Kansas University

Medical School:  Kansas City University


Pathology: Hematopathology and molecular hematology; research in the bone marrow tumor microenvironment and hematologic malignancies in non-heme locations (e.g. GI)

Personal: Hiking, snowboarding, cycling, reading the classics, travel, rafting and running; basically being outdoors.


The program is well rounded in all aspects. The work environment is amazing because of “team” mentality and our case load exemplifies variety without being overwhelming. The faculty is incredibly knowledgeable in numerous sub-specialties, approachable and they enthusiastically teach our residents. I believe our facilities are some of the best around, sub-specialty sign-out makes learning/studying more manageable.