Daniel Alfano, M.D.

Daniel Alfano, M.D.

Undergraduate: Lethbridge College

Medical School:  Medical University of the Americas


Pathology: Hematopathology, Surgical pathology, and Dermatopathology.

Personal:  I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, biking, and traveling.

Why I like UAMS Pathology:

I chose UAMS for pathology residency training for a number of reasons.  The fact that it is the only pathology training site in a state with a population of approximately 3 million people, I felt would mean a greater number and variety of cases that I would gain exposure to, than had I been in a larger city but with multiple pathology residency programs nearby to compete for cases.  I liked how each year of training was nearly evenly split between AP/CP rotations, and how sign-out was done by subspecialty.  During interview day, I was impressed with the spacious and modern facilities at UAMS, and the friendliness of the faulty and residents.