Andrew DunnUndergrad:  University of Southern Mississippi

Medical School:  University of Mississippi Medical Center


Pathology:  Medical education, gastrointestinal pathology (especially pancreatic neoplasia), pulmonary pathology, dermatopathology

Personal:  Duke basketball, carpentry (particularly furniture building), home improvement projects, residency banquet videos

Why I like UAMS Pathology:

Prior to residency, I had never been to Little Rock even though I lived in the neighboring great state of Mississippi.  Once I visited for my interview, I quickly fell in love with the city and residency.  We have a very strong group of residents who work hard and most importantly, together.  Our faculty emphasize up to date literature, and the culture is fantastic for productivity. I also have a lot of gratitude that this program has allowed me to meet a potentially long lost cousin, Richard Dunn.